Smarter Home Security cameras and surveillance


Our home security systems keep you safe and in control. Upgrade to a Sting security alarm and never worry about home again. With a smart security system from Sting Alarm, you are able to arm/disarm your system on the go, control locks, lights, garage doors and more, all from our smart home app and security platform. Our new smart systems give you peace of mind with innovative emergency, burglar and disaster detection. See below for info on our suite of encrypted security sensors and emergency detection devices.

Keep an eye on the important things.


Encrypted Wireless Security Cameras

Encrypted security cameras protect your home’s privacy and keep the control in your hands. With end-to-end encryption enabled in every security camera and video clip, you don’t have to worry about your home being exposed or disabled by hacking or vulnerable WiFi connections. You hold the keys to your home security cameras, whereas many of the popular options you might find available today lack the secure technology needed to ensure your safety and privacy, which is our #1 priority. Just another way Sting Alarm provides smarter, safer security solutions. 

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Smart video analytics and AI Detection

Smart security cameras are more than meet the eye. Coupled with advanced AI technology, our cameras can identify what they are looking at. This means you can let your dog run free in the backyard while knowing you will be alerted if your cameras detect actual human activity. Additionally, with virtual tripwires and motion zones, you won’t have to check on every passing car, but you will know when a vehicle or human is detected in the areas you specify.

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Cloud recording and video storage

Cloud recording smart clips keep your video footage safe from being tampered with and allow you to access recordings remotely. Additionally, we offer streaming video recorders that provide a local backup of footage and allow you to activate 24/7 recording options. Cloud clips record activity triggered events, alternatively, a streaming video recorder adds surveillance that doesn’t skip a beat. 


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