Fire Inspections

Fires always pose a potential danger to businesses. A fire alarm system is needed to protect the structure, interior items, and people. They are a necessary part of any commercial building and must meet code regulations.

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Sting Alarm Saves The Day

Sting Alarm sells, installs, inspects, and maintains commercial fire alarms in the Las Vegas area. Our goal is to provide a high level of quality service and excellent products that are designed to save lives. Sting Alarm has teamed up with Mircom for its fire alarm quality products.

Most buildings need an all-encompassing system that protects the people and the property. Mircom delivers on all counts. They carry technologically advanced devices that work with one another to:

  • Notify
  • Integrate
  • Document
  • Test
  • Report

This new advanced technology allows businesses to make sure that all systems are working and meet state and local codes.

The City of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada have implemented laws that pertain to commercial buildings. These regulations involve life safety and control systems. Part of our service call involves an inspection process. Our trained staff inspects and certifies all fire protection equipment according to NFPA, AHJ, and the State of Nevada Fire Marshal requirements.

Fire Alarm Design & Installation

Sting Alarm provides design and installation of your fire alarm system. No two properties are the same and because of this, no two fire alarm systems are the same. We will be able to either build or replace a new commercial fire alarm system that works for you or even upgrade your existing one. This will ensure that you have the perfect fire alarm system for your building, which will help to keep your property and the occupants safe. We do the same with the design and installation of commercial burglar alarms.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Services in Las Vegas

Once you have had the commercial fire alarm system installed by Sting Alarm, the company will also be able to provide you with alarm monitoring services in Las Vegas. We operate a mesh network with a variety of redundant and identical facilities located across the country that are used to monitor current fire alarm systems. If an alarm is triggered and there is a reason for concern the company will be able to automatically notify the local fire department. This will help to ensure that your building is attended to quickly and that any concern is removed as quickly as possible by the fire department.

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Fire Alarm Systems

We custom design and install fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems for commercial buildings. We can update your old systems to make sure they offer the fire safety you need.

Fire Monitoring

We offer continuous remote monitoring using the latest technology. This ensures the fastest possible response time in the event of a fire emergency.

Fire Inspections

When you hire us, you can rest assured that every aspect of upgrading, designing, and installing your fire alarm, detection, and prevention systems will be taken care of and meet or exceed all Las Vegas fire code requirements.

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