Welcome to Sting Alarm's Las Vegas Home Security FAQ's! Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding Home Security in Las Vegas!


If you have questions, we have answers! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding home security in Las Vegas! 
If I have an emergency should I call Sting Alarm first?

No.  If you have an emergency, call 911 first.  If you are unable to call 911, then push the panic button on your touchpad or keypad, and Sting Alarm will request emergency services.

What sets Sting Alarm apart from the rest of the competition?

Sting Alarm is the BEST locally owned and operated security company in Southern Nevada. We've been in business since 2003 and were founded by two Las Vegas locals, Jonathan Fine and Jon Perry.  We offer premium products and provide the best service for a fair price.

If I lose electrical power will my security system still function?

Yes.  In case of a power loss, the back-up battery will activate to maintain your alarm coverage for several hours.  In the event your battery is low, a signal will be sent to our Central Station so you can be notified.

I have a question regarding my system and/or account.

For questions regarding your account, please call our Customer Care department at (702) 737-8464 Mon-Fri, from 9am to 5pm.

What does it mean to me to know that Sting Alarm utilizes a UL listed Central Station?

It means that we are inspected by UL (United Labratories) annually for compliance. It means that when there is a problem or alarm, the person you are talking to is familiar with the area.  It means we do not sell your account out to someone in another state like some of the big national companies do.  And finally it means that we are privately owned and our reputation reflects our business practices.

What type of services do you provide?

Sting Alarm offers a variety of security services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. We offer intrusion alarms, camera systems (CCTV), electronic access control systems, standard and advanced monitoring solutions, service, and alarm guard response.  Sting Alarm has the experience and the manpower to handle all your security needs.

What happens if my phone lines are cut?

For those customers still using phone lines to connect to our monitoring center, the alarm system will still sound locally but will not be monitored.  We offer cellular communication for all new installs and will connect to a customer’s Wi-Fi connection, for redundant, dual path communication to our monitoring center.

Why didn’t you know my phone lines got cut?

Because the phone line was cut, the system was unable to send any signals and the phone lines are not monitored by any company for constant connection. This is why we always provide a cellular connection for new installs and also connect to customer provided Wi-Fi when available.

How do I know if my alarm system is working the way it should?

All customers are encouraged to test their systems monthly.  This can be done by calling our monitoring center and putting your system on test.  You will start sending signals by arming your system and opening doors, windows, and tripping motions, etc. Call 702-737-8464 for details on testing your system along with smokes, heats and carbon monoxide detectors.

Are my telephone calls to Sting Alarm recorded?

Yes! All calls made to or from Sting Alarm are recorded for security purposes and to ensure accuracy of our dispatchers and customer instructions.

What is your Extended Service Plan for the security systems?

If you have our Extended Service Plan for your security system, we will support and service any failures or issues you are having included in the price of your monthly service and you will not pay for a service call. This does not cover Acts of God, Vandalism, Home or Business Remodels, or failures due to existing infrastructure or customer provided internet and Wi-Fi.

Do you offer an Extended Service Plan for CCTV or Access Control systems?

Yes!  Please call our office to speak with a sales representative at 702-737-8464 as these types of plans are custom tailored per system.

Do I have to have internet to use your system, or any of the devices that you offer?

No you do not need internet just to use our system as they come with a cellular connection. You DO however need internet and typically Wi-Fi to use any video devices, and some other peripheral devices that we offer.

How fast does my internet need to be to use your video devices?

We recommend a minimum of 2Mbps per video device for a smooth experience.

My Wi-Fi is provided by my internet service provider (ISP), will that work?

Typically this will work, but we usually don’t recommend any more than 4 total video devices as ISP provided Wi-Fi typically has a limited range and throughput good for up to about a 2000 SqFt property. We recommend you purchase and install a more robust Wi-Fi Router if you think you want more video devices than this or your property is larger than 2000 SqFt. You can call us if you have any questions about this.

What happens when I call for service on my system?

We have an experienced Support Team that is here during normal business hours ready to help you with any issues. Our staff can help walk you through any troubleshooting steps needed and most of the time we can resolve any issues you may be experiencing right over the phone. If we need to dispatch a tech, we can do so for a nominal trip fee plus any parts needed. If you have one of our Alarm systems with the Extended Service Plan, there is no charge for most issues outside of Acts of God, Vandalism, Remodels or Tenant Improvements.

Do I have to use your Remote Support when I call in or can I just request a tech visit?

We typically handle this on a case by case basis, but a lot of times we will require you to do some troubleshooting with our remote support staff as we are able to resolve 90% of the issues you may have over the phone. This helps us keep our rates and fees as low and competitive as possible.

Is your remote support free of charge?

Our remote support is a billable service, but some of our Service Plans do include this or provide you with a reduced rate. If you are not sure please call us at 702-737-8464 and we can tell you what’s included in your service plan.

My system/sensor has a low battery. What should I do?

Most of the batteries used in your system are end user replaceable. If you call us we can tell you what batteries you need and how to replace them. Most batteries last for years so this is not something you need to do until the system tells you it has a low battery.

Are batteries included in my service?

Batteries are not included unless you have a system with a Service Plan that includes this. If it does include this, we will send you the batteries you need free of charge for you to replace. If you want one of our techs dispatched to your property to change them for you, there is a nominal fee.

Service & Support

Looking for service or support for your Las Vegas home security system?  Check out these answers to some of our support teams most frequently asked questions.
What are your hours of operation?

Our Monitoring Center is open and operates 24/7, 365 days a year. Our Corporate Office which is comprised of Sales, Customer Care, Installation and Service, is open Mon-Fri, from 9am to 5pm. If you call after hours, we do have on-call support available for emergencies. After hours support is typically billable and incurs an after hours labor rate billed with a 2 hour minimum.

I called your office and left a message for support. How long will it be before I get a return call?

While we do like to answer the calls we receive right when you call, we do experience high call volumes at times. If you need to leave a message for a call back, you can expect a return call by the next business day.

I called after hours and asked for emergency support. How long will it be before I get a return call?

For any after hours support requests, you can expect a return call within 4 hours.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 90 day warranty on any labor, and all equipment is covered under the manufacturers warranties. Most manufacturers have warranties for at least a year, and some even go as far as 3-5 years.


Are you searching for Las Vegas home security? Benefit from this quick Q&A, straight from our Sales team. 
What is included in the standard home security system installation?

Each system is configured specifically for the needs of the customer.  All systems include Master Control Panel / Keypad, Backup Battery, Yard Sign and Window Decals. Additional items such as Sirens, Bells, Door/Window Sensors, Glass break detectors, Motion Detectors, Smoke detectors, CO2 Detectors and cameras are then added as needed.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on your needs. Installation costs are very affordable.

Do these systems support all the cool new home automation technology?

Yes!  All of our security systems support a full ecosystem of home automation devices.  Door locks, light switches, thermostats are just the beginning!  Call Sting Alarm at (702) 737-8464 for more information.

Can I control my security system with an app?

Yes!  All of our new systems installed feature the most cutting edge technology with the ability to interact with it using your mobile device of choice.  You will also be able to see your cameras, review playback, and control all of your home automation devices via one unified interface.

I just moved in and there is already a system on the property. Can I use any of the existing equipment?

We would typically replace the panel (brain) and, as long as the wireless equipment is compatible, we can reuse sensors and peripheral devices. Our systems are compatible with most of your existing devices.  DIY equipment is not supported and would need to be replaced.

How long is the contractual agreement?

Our standard contract agreement is 36 months.  After the initial 36 months, the agreement renews for an additional 12 months.

I just moved in and I have a Sting Alarm system already installed.  Can I activate it?

Yes!  Please call Sting Alarm at (702) 737-8464 and we can get your system activated that same day in most cases.

What if I have a business that I want protected?

Because all businesses have different needs, we will set up an appointment with one of our consultants to determine your needs.  Please call Sting Alarm at (702) 737-8464 for more information.

Do you provide opening and closing reports for my business so I can see who accesses my site?

Yes, we do provide this option to our customers at a separate nominal fee. Reports are sent via email.

I'm a renter. Can I get a system?

Yes, we have packages for anyone that needs a security system.

I’m moving.  How can I cancel my service with Sting Alarm?

Please call us at (702) 737-8464 and we can help you process your cancellation.  We do require 30 day written notice prior to the end of the current term by the person that signed the initial contract.

What happens if I move before my initial 36 month contract is up?

For questions regarding your account, please call us at (702) 737-8464


If you are an existing security system customer with questions around billing. Check out what our Accounting Dept. has to say!
Can I pay by ACH or credit card each month automatically?

Yes, with Sting Alarm’s Auto Payment Plan, we can automatically charge your account on a specific day of the month.  Paper invoices can have an additional handling charge.

Can I pay my monitoring on a quarterly or annual basis?

Yes, we allow customers to pay up to 1 year in advance but invoice the customer monthly.  As new invoices are issued, they will be paid by the advance payment on the account.  This allows you the flexibility to pay your monitoring monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. Please call Sting Alarm's Billing Team at (702) 737-8464 for more information.


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