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Leader in the security industry and local community for my entire career. By connecting you with your home and business, we make living and working smart, simple and secure.

Protecting Your Las Vegas Home from a House Fire this Holiday Season

The Nevada wildfire season may have technically ended with October — but as the holiday season approaches, a new crop of fire hazards emerges. As you prepare for the festivities, keep in mind these tips to reduce your family’s risk of house fire this holiday season. 

Smart Home Systems for Las Vegas Homeowners this Holiday Season

There’s nothing more exciting than opening a gift on Christmas morning, but some of the best gifts aren’t the ones under the tree. Rather than another kitchen appliance or power tool, consider gifting your household a smart home system — a system in which integrated smart home devices work together, and you stay in control of all of them using our smart home app. A smart home system can give your household these time-saving, economically sound advantages. 

The Importance of Testing Your Security System

Whether your security system is at home or business, you should test it on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn how often you should test your security system, why testing your alarm is important, and how Sting Alarm customers in the Las Vegas area should test their systems.

Combating Las Vegas Catalytic Converter Theft with Video Surveillance

Catalytic converter thieves are wreaking havoc across the country, and the Las Vegas Valley is no exception. As an attempt to disincentivize the theft of these valuable auto parts, many states are passing laws to crack down on catalytic converter theft. Unfortunately, Nevada isn’t yet one of them.

How Security Cameras Shield Las Vegas Businesses from Slip and Fall Scams

Slip and fall lawsuits, which involve patrons suing allegedly negligent businesses for injuries sustained after falling, have been around for a long time. However, many slip and fall cases are ultimately proven to be scams. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) reports that around 2,000 slip and fall cases filed per year are determined to be “questionable” — in other words, potentially fraudulent. 

Las Vegas Home Security for the Construction Rebound

Las Vegas Home Security for the Construction Rebound

We’ve all been impacted by the economic fluctuations of the past few years, both at home and at work. The construction industry, which is responsible for building the homes we live in, certainly slowed down during the peaks of the pandemic — and yet, it’s also experienced one of the biggest rebounds across service industries. 

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